We work hard to maintain our reputation, so we’re always happy to receive comments and letters of thanks. Here are some words from our clients:

“Thanks Mike.  I must say that the support and very useful advice you have given me has been fantastic.  I am sure we will do business in the future and I will recommend your services to anyone requiring a good solicitor” – Mr W (client)

“Your approach in the way of conducting legal business we found very professional, in a refreshingly relaxed and welcome manner” – Mr A (client)

“Mike has given sound legal advice over the years and he has also facilitated the development of one of my business ideas.  For both I am grateful and would highly recommend him.” – Mr M (client and charity business contact)

“I felt the “Hobbs Law LLP” practice works very efficiently and I had peace of mind in knowing my affairs were in capable hands”  – Miss F (client)

“It is a hard thing to think about what will happen after your death, but the relaxed, lovely environment and unhurried consultation really helped me to deal with making a Will and I felt many aspects were thought of that had not been covered in my previous Will.” – Mrs R (client )

“Professional and friendly” – Mrs C (client)

“Very good service” – Mr R (client)

“Mike, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and I will certainly use you again should the occasion arise” – Mrs K (client)

“First class from start to end” – Mr M (client)

”Louise made us feel relaxed and explained to us all the ways to go about our Wills.  It was a pleasure doing business with Louise” – Mr and Mrs B (client)